JURA focusses its energies on coffee and works hard to develop new espresso machines and further develop existing ones. In 1986, it achieves a real quantum leap with the launch of the first espresso/coffee machine. But the air slowly gets thin for JURA. As a company exhibiting complete backward integration with a wide range of products and a focus on the saturated domestic market, there are few perspectives for healthy growth, allowing for sustainable investments in the future. The structures make it impossible to generate sufficient means for manufacturing and market cultivation. Despite this threat, the development department works tirelessly to perfect the automatic coffee machine. The aim of transferring the coffee quality of a professional machine in the most elegant bars to an affordable machine for domestic use proves to be a huge challenge for all involved.

A dream come true: now it was possible to iron without a cable.

The fully automatic espresso machine can do everything. With an integrated grinder.

Maxivap is the name of the iron that comes with its own steam generator. Also suitable for thick materials.

Equipped with a star portion dispenser and a second coffee powder container.

Retro design, modern technology: die-cast aluminium plates with pretzel shaped moulds, new heating system and automatic temperature adjustment.

Completely safe for children: a humidifier that does not produces any hot water.

The all-rounder: it makes coffee, hot water or steam, all at the touch of a button.